Under the leadership of longtime athletic director Jed Davis and physical education instructor Drew Artiaga, SHA offers basketball and volleyball. Younger students may practice recreationally after school, while middle school students can join the SHA 613s competitive, interscholastic teams.

Note: Attached is Revsion 2 of the schedule. Changes are Volleyball match added on 9/19. Practice starts the first day of school on 9/31, not 9/30.

Dear 5th-8th Grade Parent:

School starts next week. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Bellow is our latest updated revision (Rev. 2) of the sports schedule for 2022-2023. The Fall volleyball schedule is 90% accurate. We may add a game or add/remove a practice or two but the volleyball schedule, as is, is fairly accurate. The boys' and girls’ basketball schedule needs considerably more work in terms of scheduling games due to the lack of league meetings this past Spring. Also, please note that we will be adding a sports tab to the website for easy access to the schedule.

Girls’ volleyball starts on the first day of school and continues through the last week of October. The program is open to all 5th-8th grade girls, no experience necessary. The cost is $175 and you must read and sign the attached participation form. Please send a check (or a series of post-dated checks) or call in a credit card to the office. Forms and fees are due before we can allow participation.

Boys basketball begins in November and ends the third week of January. Girls’ basketball begins in early January and continues until the end of March. All our programs are no-cut. Any SHA student is welcome. Please note that for all offerings, SHA does not provide transportation to and from away games. We ask that a parent from each team volunteer to organize carpool.

Because of COVID, it has been 2 1/2 years since we have been able to offer a full sports program. We have a mostly new generation of middle school students and parents. Therefore, let me explain our philosophy and expectation:

For 21 years, Drew’s and my programs have been “full participation” programs. We find that a sports program is much more enjoyable and teaches a lot more if instruction, games and practices are maximized. A minimalist “let’s-have-some-fun” approach found at many middle schools, i.e., one practice per week and 6 or 8 games per season, doesn’t develop the proper skills or afford the time needed to teach important life lessons. Therefore, within each season, we will maximize games and practices. That means barring non-discretionary events (sickness, out-of-town), “full participation” means that your child is expected to be at each practice and every game. Given the tenor of our program, we discourage partial participation, i.e., “my child can only make it on certain days.” In our experience, this arrangement never ends well. It leads to a lot of frustration for student athlete, parent and coach. Therefore, if you are unable to make the full commitment, you may wish to consider an alternate activity or venue. If you have additional concerns around this issue, I am happy to speak with you. Please contact me.

We had hoped to add a Fall sport for the boys. The problem is that all attractive offerings would involve playing against co-ed teams, something we can’t do. We will continue to look at possibilities for the future.

To sign up for girls' volleyball, 1) Send in payment of $175 (check, credit card); Print and sign the attached Sports Participation Form. Send everything to SHA, attention Dr. Jed Davis. Remember, I need forms and sees before we can allow participation.

Please call or email me if you have any questions: [email protected] | (206) 295-1212.
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