Seattle Hebrew Academy


Rabbi Benjy Owen, Head of School
Kerri Stern, Principal
JaVohn Perry, Early Childhood Director
Mike Loebe, Director of Finance and Operations
Benjamina Menashe, Development Director
Sharon Mezistrano, Admissions Director
Rabbi Chaim Weiss, Rosh Beit Midrash, Judaics Studies Director 


Aviad Cohen, Accounting Assistant
Dr. Jed Davis, Athletic Director
Cruz Garcia, Facilities Lead
Saul Greene, Technology Director
Julia Guard, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist
Kris Hawley, Human Resources/Benefits
Susan Matalon, Office Manager K–8
Peta Mehlman, Development Assistant
Sara Weiss, Dean of Middle School

Early Childhood Faculty

JaVohn Perry, Early Childhood Director
Rubisa Sharona Hassan, Judaic Curriculum Coordinator
Hummingbirds: Sheila Gruner and Eli Warshal
Chickadees: Eli Brudnick, Aimee Christoffersen, Aviad Cohen and Rachel Rozen
Robins: Gail Ben-Meir
Eagles: Rubissa Sharona Hassan and Sheryl Warshal
Support: Esther Ben-Meir and Talya Ben-Meir
Curriculum Advisor: Gail Ben-Meir

Kindergarten - 8th Grade Faculty

Kerri Stern, Principal
Rabbi Chaim Weiss, Judaic Studies Director
Julia Guard, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist


Sonya Basseri, Lea Hanan, Katie Regala

First Grade

Avi Behar, Mindy Swedarsky, Nomi Winderbaum

Second Grade

Rabbi Saadya DavidoffRachel Hanan, Lindsay Powers, Blake Wotherspoon

Third Grade

Rabbi Saadya Davidoff, Morah Kaden Oppenheimer, Naomi Solam, Blake Wotherspoon

Fourth Grade

Talya Ben-Meir, Rinah Benoliel, Rachel Hanan, Patricia Morris

Fifth Grade

Julia Guard, Rabbi Ben Hassan, Rabbi Ron-Ami Meyers

Middle School Faculty

Sara Weiss, Dean of Middle School Students
Gisela Dumm, Science
Jamie Kahana, Social Studies
Naama Merromy, Hebrew and Math
Jill Norton, Math
Rabbi Benjy Owen, Judaic Studies
Benzy Shani, Judaic Studies
Stavroula Voules, Language Arts
Rabbi Chaim Weiss, Judaic Studies
Sara Weiss, Judaic Studies

Specialist Faculty

Drew Artiaga, Physical Education
Rachel Hanan, Learning Center Specialist
Kim Hardman
, Lower School Learning Center Specialist
Jan Harvey, Art 
Patricia Morris, Middle School Learning Center Specialist
Lindsay Powers, Library
Benzy Shani, Judaic Learning Center Specialist
Nomi Winderbaum, Learning Center Specialist


Karen Naggar, President
Ben Lipman, First Vice President
Ilana Segal, Second Vice President
Jamison Russ, Treasurer
Jason Shindler, Secretary
Naomi Newman, Immediate Past President


Jared Brown
David Barak
Hanoch Feit
Cynthia Gamel
Janna Harel
Elizabeth Sytman


Rabbi Ben Hassan
Rabbi Avi Rosenfeld


Seeking experienced Judaic Studies teachers for 3rd and 4th grades. Candidates should have mastery in Torah studies. Candidates should be highly motivated to grow professionally, work collaboratively and to becoming part of our professional learning community.
Seattle Hebrew Academy is a Modern Orthodox Jewish Day School, serving the greater Seattle community for over 70 years. SHA provides exceptional academics and inspired Judaic Studies to students from Early Childhood through 8th Grade.
Seattle Hebrew Academy supports teacher growth and development through professional mentoring, peer mentoring, professional development, teacher collaboration and opportunities for growth.
Primary skills and responsibilities:
• developing a learning environment that is conducive to learning and inspires student growth
• creating organized lesson plans where students are encouraged to engage in inquiry: ask thoughtful questions, discover answers, apply what they learn, and problem-solve creatively
• continually assess student achievement with a variety of methods and modalities toward mastery of standards and keep students and parents informed of student progress
differentiating instruction according to student needs and abilities; provide accommodations and modifications to support the success of all students
• possessing the knowledge and creativity to deliver innovative and personalized instruction designed to maximize student learning;
collaborating with partner teachers
• participating in department, school and parent meetings
communicating effectively with parents, students and colleagues;
• participating in school-wide professional development, and seek continual feedback and coaching to develop as a teacher
Should have a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Education, Judaic Studies, Hebrew, or other pertinent field. Candidates should be comfortable in English and Hebrew. A Master's degree and or five or more years of experience would be laudable.
We thank all applicants in advance!

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and references to [email protected] – Subject Line: Judaic Position
Compensation: Our Competitive Compensation Packages include Full Tuition and medical benefit and Judaic Studies salaries range beginning at $65,400-$66,747 or higher depending on experience!

Early Childhood Education Teacher
Job description
We're looking for a passionate and compassionate Early Childhood Teacher to join our team! You must have a passion for teaching young children and enjoy working with families. Our school needs someone who is willing to provide guidance to students and help them succeed. The children in our Early Childhood Center range in age from 1-5 years.
Responsibilities Include:
• Follow the instructions and guidelines given by the school's administration.
• Teach social and emotional learning.
• Teach academic skills.
• Relate to other teachers and caregivers at the school.
• Provide a safe environment for children to learn in.
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $17.00 - $24.00 per hour

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