SHA School Year 2021–2022 Covid-19 Policies, Procedures, and Protocols

In-Person, Optional Distance Learning, Remote Learning

After a year of navigating Covid-19, SHA has learned that conducting both in-person and remote learning for students is complicated and cumbersome. This year SHA is conducting in-person school. We are prepared to go to distance learning in the event that a class or the school needs to quarantine.


  • SHA has a staggered arrival schedule by driver’s family last name:
    • 8:00–8:10 Last Name A-M
    • 8:10–8:20 Last Name N-Z
  • Classes begin promptly at 8:20
  • EC/LS/MS Arrival/Drop Off Zone: Main Curb alongside the Ari Grashin Gym
  • Each student will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon arrival to their classrooms.
  • Parents will continue to pre-screen their children at home through the Parent Locker App (EC-8) and will show their phone at arrival indicating their child is all clear to attend SHA.
    •  Symptom check questions have been determined by the Washington State Department of Health: Does your child or anyone in your house have a fever of 100.4 F or higher, cough, shortness or difficulty of breath, sore throat, muscle aches, chills, diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain, new onset of severe headache or new loss of taste or smell? Has the child has been in close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed with Covid-19? Does he or she have a pending Covid test?
    • If your child triggers the symptom check at home, and you are unsure of whether he/she is able to attend, please call our nurse at 206-383-4348 for immediate assistance before bringing any of your children to school. Email, between the hours of 6:30 and 8:30 am and 7 and 9 pm on weekdays for all other inquiries. Upon speaking with or hearing from the nurse, she will advise you on next steps.
    • If your child or a member of your carpool triggers the symptom check during your drive to school, please plan on parking your car in the lot and waiting with your child in your car while our nurse is consulted regarding next steps.


  • As with arrival, SHA will stagger dismissal again this year with two slots, based on the carpool driver family’s last name. Being on time for carpool pick-up is essential.
    • 3:20–3:30 Last Name A-M
    • 3:30–3:40 Last Name N-Z
    • 1:40–1:50 A-M
    • 1:50–2:00 N-Z

Late Students / Early Pickup 

  •  Parents with students who arrive late (after the allotted drop-off time, 8:00-8:30) to SHA campus will notify an EC or K–8 point person through email (Rebecca at or an EC teacher, Kerri at, or Susan at at least 30 minutes prior to arrival to ensure that someone can meet them at the door.
  • Upon arrival, your carpool will be met by a staff member. (See above for drop off details.)
  • Please honor the drop-off and pick-up times for your children. This ensures a smoother and safer process for the children and staff. 

If you need to pick up your child early, please contact (Rebecca at, Kerri at, or Susan at at least 30 minutes prior to arrival and we will have your child brought to the gate once you have arrived (please contact again when you are here).


If a student, SHA staff member, student or an unvaccinated member of the student’s or staff member’s household travels outside of Washington State (See additional update for children 4 under who are not yet eligible for the vaccine):

  • If an unvaccinated SHA student travels, upon his/her return, the student will quarantine for 3 days. A PCR test needs to be taken on day 3 (approximately 72 hours after arrival in Seattle) and the student may return once the negative result is obtained. A second PCR test may be required on day 10.
    • The student(s) may also return to school after 10 days and no test.
    • If the student, or anyone else who travelled with the student, develops symptoms over the course of the 10 days, please keep everyone at home and consult with the SHA nurse and Rebecca/Kerri to review when the student may return to school and if additional testing is required.
  • If an unvaccinated person travels and stays in the home of an unvaccinated SHA student, the visitors must take a PCR test on day 3 and the SHA student can return once the negative test is obtained.
  • Quarantine starts the day the travelling unvaccinated student or travelling unvaccinated visitor arrives in Seattle.
  •  If the person (people) visiting your house is (fully) vaccinated, there is no quarantine or testing necessary. Fully vaccinated means two weeks post second Moderna or Pfizer shot or two weeks past the J&J single shot.
  • If a member of the student’s household who is vaccinated travels, no quarantine is necessary for the student.
  • If parents travelling with children are fully vaccinated, quarantine is still necessary if the children are not vaccinated.
  • While travelling continue to be vigilant with masking and distancing and follow the Washington State Guidelines (regardless of to which state you are travelling) and the Hillel Pledge.
  • For international travel of an unvaccinated student, the student must quarantine for 7 days with a negative test taken between days 3-5 or quarantine for 10 days with no test. 

UPDATE (12/15/21):

All policies for those eligible for vaccination, ie ages five and up will remain the same.

- If you are vaccinated, no quarantine or testing after traveling nationally or internationally.

- If you are not vaccinated, stay home, test on days 3-5 and come back as soon as you get a negative result.  If you are travelling internationally, you test on days 3-5, and may return  to school with the negative test on day 7.

If you are under five not yet eligible for the vaccine;

- No quarantine or testing as long as all family members who are eligible are vaccinated, for national travel.

- If eligible family members (anyone 5 and up) are not vaccinated then the child(ren) under 5 will stay home, test on day 3-5 and come back with a negative result for national travel. For international travel the under age 5 child will need to test on day 3-5 and then return with the negative result on day 7. 

We understand the challenge this brings and appreciate your vigilance in keeping our school open for all students. To that end we will be offering a Distance Learning option through zoom, Grades 1-8, for one week after Thanksgiving (November 29th-December 3rd) and for one week after Winter Break (January 6th-10th). In order to opt-in to the hybrid option, you MUST let Kerri know at least two weeks before the break so teachers can properly prepare for your child(ren) to learn from home.


  • The recommendation from the Washington State Department of Health is that families should have the same adult drop-off and pick-up for child(ren) each day when possible. 
  • When necessary, as may be the case with SHA families, we urge parents to limit carpool partnerships and maintain consistency with masking and open windows en route.

If you will not be driving your child to school on any given day, you must screenshot the all clear results from the Parent Locker symptom check to the carpool driver and they will show the results to an SHA staff member upon arrival.

Faculty / Staff

  • Faculty and staff will go through a symptom check before entering the building and will wash hands upon arrival. They will share their results with their supervisor. 
  • A staff member who triggers the symptom check will contact SHA’s on-call nurse and his/her supervisor for next steps. If the staff member is unable to be at school, a substitute will be in the classroom. 
  • All staff will wear masks while indoors on SHA’s campus in public spaces. In private offices masks may be removed with office doors closed.

Visitors / Vendors on Campus

  • At this time, vendors are not allowed on campus.
  • Visitors are allowed on campus with permission from Rivy, Kerri, or Rebecca and must be vaccinated and masked.
  • SHA is asking parents to refrain from visiting inside the building or on campus to reduce exposures and encourage additional physical distancing. 
  • Parent meetings will be held via Zoom.

Physical Distancing

  • Students will be physically distanced 3 feet apart when possible, as is recommended by the CDC
  • Physical distancing markers will be indicated on the floor and will allow for children to move throughout the room as necessary. 
  • Physical distancing, mask, and handwashing signs will be placed in classrooms, hallways, and all common areas as visual cues and reminders for students. Floor markers will be on the ground designating places for students to stand to wait in hallways and also there will be directional signs placed throughout the building (such as designating up and down staircase).
  • Teachers will maintain physical distance from each other as well as maintain distance from the students.
  • EC students will have rest time inside with windows open and mats spaced at least three feet apart. Weather dependent, EC students may have other activities inside with windows open.

Personal Protective Equipment 

  • All SHA staff and students grade K–8 are required to wear masks indoors at all times, except for when eating. 
  • Masks with a valve are not allowed.
    • CDC guidelines and features:
      •   Must fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
      •   Completely cover the nose and mouth
      •   Masks are secured to the face with ties or ear loops
      •   Includes multiple layers of fabric
      •   Allows for breathing without restriction
      •   Can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape
    • Students may remove masks to take a quick drink when inside and all students do not have to be masked when outside for eating and playing.
    • Students will arrive at  SHA with masks from home and are expected to keep them on.
    • Parents must provide two back-up masks for each child (to be kept in their backpacks).
    • If your child uses one of their back-up masks, you must send a replacement the following school day.

Cleaning / Disinfecting

  • SHA will continue its intensified cleaning of all spaces and high touch areas, including restrooms.
  • Students will wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer regularly.

Lunch / Recess

All recess, snacks and lunches will be held outdoors. Please ensure your child is dressed accordingly each day. 

  • All classes will eat in their outdoor classrooms unless prevented by the weather or other extenuating circumstances. If that should happen, eating will be in classrooms with windows open and children remaining  at their desks, at least three feet apart. 
  • Each class will go to outdoor recess with only their class, unless the weather or other extenuating circumstances should occur. If that should happen, PE/Recess will be held in the gym. Children will be kept three feet apart, except for passing each other during play. Windows and doors to the gym will remain open. 
  • All students will be physically distanced, where possible, during recess and lunch.

Events / Student Assemblies 

  • Determinations around events such as STEM Night and Purim Carnival will be assessed as the year progresses. 
  • Student assemblies will be held with proper spacing.

Health Policy

  • COVID-19: If any member of an SHA staff or student has been exposed to, diagnosed with Covid-19 or has a suspected case of Covid-19, SHA is to be notified immediately. In the case of an exposure or suspected case, a Covid-19 test is required. 
  • Covid-19 Testing Sites:
  • Depending on the circumstances of exposure (the Health Team will be consulted) the staff member or student will be home for at least 48 hours, symptom free or need to quarantine for 10-14 days and possibly need to get retested. If the result is negative, the student or staff member may then return to campus, with consultation from the Health Team. 
  • If the result is positive, the student or staff member must quarantine for a total of 10-14 days depending on the last date of exposure. They also will need to get a negative test result before returning to campus.
    • Washington State Department of Health will be contacted for further direction.
    • If you have multiple children in the household who attend SHA, they too will need to stay home and follow the same steps.
    • Depending on circumstances and recommendations from our Health Team and The Department of Health, whole classes may need to be quarantined and possibly need to test for Covid-19 (these children will be able to participate in distance learning should this occur).
  • If the exposed staff member or student is vaccinated, notify SHA immediately. Depending on the circumstances of exposure (the Health Team will be consulted) staff member or student may have to stay home and get tested on days 3-5 and may return as soon as a negative result is obtained.



OSPI Re Opening Washington Schools https

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidance for School Re Entry

Washington State Department of Health

Written and Edited by:
Rebecca Angel-Feuer
Kerri Stern
Rivy Poupko Kletenik

With input from SHA’s Reopening Parent Task Force, SHA’s Health Team, SHA’s Board and Faculty and Staff
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